4 Key Characteristics Unique to Direct Mail Services

Direct mail has been a successful marketing tool for years, but it can be costly and time consuming to maintain a high volume of . Direct email marketing can encompass a wide variety of distribution methods including: emails, postcards, brochures, coupons, catalogs, flyers, leaflets, letters etc. Many businesses are discovering the benefits of direct mail automation to help them streamline their direct mail processes and increase ROI. The following characteristics are unique to direct mail services which make this advertising method very advantageous for small to mid-size businesses:

Unlike traditional direct mail campaigns that involve a multitude of different vendors like printing companies, post card companies and catalog companies, marketers can now control their marketing list through a single interface. Automated direct mail services are a cloud-based platform offering marketers’ access to a diverse variety of database applications including: spreadsheet, database, application and web-based solutions. With the assistance of the service, marketers can set up variable data collection and reporting configurations that are easily customized to specific business needs. With the help of a single command center, marketers can easily manage:

Tracking direct mail campaigns is one of the most important tasks in the direct mail business. Marketing campaigns should always focus on identifying the return on investment (ROI) of each marketing campaign. A good tracking system will allow you to track: direct mail open rates, response rates, bounce rate and click-through rates. By properly tracking these key areas, marketers will be able to identify if certain campaigns are effective or not. Through automation, marketers will also have the ability to fine tune each aspect of their campaigns to improve response rates, conversion rates and profitability.